The Hogueras of Alicante: A Fire that Ignites Tradition
June 22, 2024

The Hogueras of Alicante: A Fire that Ignites Tradition

Every year, with the arrival of the summer solstice, Alicante transforms into a hive of light, color and tradition. The Hogueras of Alicante, one of the most emblematic festivities in Spain, illuminate the city from June 20 to 24, attracting thousands of visitors eager to be part of this unique celebration, declared of International Tourist Interest and Asset of Intangible Cultural Interest.

Las Hogureas (les Fogueres): At the heart of this celebration are the bonfires, enormous sculptures made of wood and papier-mâché that, for months, Alicante artists and craftsmen work with care. These works of art, loaded with satire and social criticism, are installed throughout the city and compete in different categories for the honor of being the best bonfire of the year.

La Plantà: On June 20, the city wakes up with bonfires already planted in its streets. This event, known as "La Plantà", marks the official start of the festivities and gives way to a week full of activities.

La Mascletà: At 2:00 p.m. each day, the Plaza de los Luceros becomes the epicenter of noise and gunpowder with the traditional Mascletà. This pyrotechnic show is a delight for the senses, where the deafening sound of the firecrackers and the vibration on the ground make attendees feel the party at its best.

Las Barracas y Racós: During the nights, the streets are filled with barracks and racós, where bonfire committees and their neighbors gather to eat, drink and dance. These spaces are the social soul of the Bonfires, where coexistence and joy are the protagonists.

La Cremà: The most anticipated moment comes on the night of June 24, when all the bonfires are consumed by fire in an act known as "La Cremà". This event symbolizes renewal and the end of a cycle, where the purifying fire makes way for new beginnings.

La Banyà: After the Cremà, the Alicante firefighters have the mission of putting out the remains of the bonfires and, in a gesture of complicity with the public, they throw water at the attendees, starting the traditional Banyà.

Culture and Tradition in Every Corner
The Hogueras of Alicante are not only a party, but a cultural manifestation that involves the entire community. From the little ones at the children's bonfires to the elders, everyone participates in keeping this tradition alive. In addition, the festival is accompanied by parades, music, fireworks and competitions, making Alicante an unmissable destination in the month of June.

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