Discovering magnificent hideout of the Mediterranean Sea
November 6, 2022

Discovering magnificent hideout of the Mediterranean Sea

It's a fantastic day to go for a walk and discover the magnificent hideout that the Mediterranean has to offer. From Alicante Maravillas, as local agents, we know every inch of our coastline... 

Would you like to discover a hideout of the Region of Murcia with us?

Today we are going to Cabo de Palos, 30 km from Cartagena and a little further from our beloved Hondón Valley. However, the distance is worth it.

We follow a very easy hiking route, suitable for all ages, which takes us along the coast. We set off from Cala Reona, leave the cars in the parking and follow the route passing several coves. If the weather is good, we can take the opportunity to have a swim and don't forget to bring your diving goggles for snorkelling, it is one of the best places in the Region of Murcia to enjoy it. 

In the eastern part of this cove and Los Saleros point we can observe unique rock formations of fossil dunes.

Crystal clear waters in a privileged environment. The entire route runs between coves. Looking out to sea we can see some small islets, in the shape of peaks, which are the apexes of the submerged part of the Betic mountain ranges. These are the Islas Hormigas. This whole area is part of a Marine Reserve.

Finally we cross the entire promenade, and on our arrival we are surprised by the cobblestones of the promenade, with engraved texts of novels that have taken the lighthouse as an enclave. As if it were a literary promenade of fame. One of them is a fragment of Arturo Pérez Reverte's Carta Esférica.

The entire marina and fishing port is full of bars and restaurants where we can enjoy good fresh fish or one of the star dishes of the area, the caldero.

The ascent to the Cabo de Palos lighthouse is spectacular and everything has its history. According to the Roman historian Pliny the Elder, on the promontory of the cape there was in ancient times a temple consecrated to Baal Hammon, who the Romans called Saturn.

 Enjoying a caldero and a spectacular sunset at the lighthouse is one of the most beautiful experiences we can have in one of the most charming enclaves in the Region of Murcia.

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