Alicante Maravillas first API collegiate member in Hondon Valley
November 17, 2022

Alicante Maravillas first API collegiate member in Hondon Valley

Francisco Luis Abad García, CEO of Alicante Maravillas, and a graduate in Business Sciences from the University of Alicante, has been registered with the Official College of Real Estate Agents, with provincial number 1079.

This is excellent news for Alicante Maravillas that helps us grow and offer better services to our customers.

This is the step prior to registration in the Register of Real Estate Agents of the Valencian Community.


What is real estate API?

The API or Real Estate Agent is recognized before the Administration as a legally qualified and qualified professional to carry out operations in the real estate market.

Differences between API and real estate agent

The fundamental difference is that while an API is an agent officially recognized by the Administration for carrying out operations in the real estate market, an agent is a person who can only advise their clients in the property purchase and sale processes.

And this is the importance, since having official recognition, Alicante Maravillas can carry out the following activities:

Mediate in the purchase and sale of real estate

By carrying out these operations with a collegiate agent, the client obtains confidence in the validity of these transactions.

Housing acquisition

Realization of contracts related to the real estate activity, following the indications of the Official College that provides all the legal guarantees.

Home valuation

Collegiate real estate agents know and report on the market price of a property

Qualified and quality care

Focused on ensuring the quality of the service provided and avoiding bad real estate practices and abuses that are committed in this sector in operations as important as the purchase and sale.

Mortgage advice

Thanks to the specific training of an API, it has the capacity to offer advisory services on issues related to mortgage loans for the purchase of real estate.

Procedures and procedures: with legal guarantees

Tax advice

API Agente de la propiedad inmobiliaria.



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